Iburp - Drink An Energy Drink

Iburp - Drink An Energy Drink

Iburp - Drink An Energy Drink

Hottrix Simulation

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This Much Will Kill You

All Natural Energy Drink ( BETTER THAN REDBULL? )

Drink 1 Gallon of Pepsi Coke Without Burping Challenge… Shock Collar Forfeit if I do Burp!

Drink Energy Drink on your phone!
This hilarious trick looks like your phone is filling up with Energy Drink. You can then “drink” it by tilting the device. Amaze friends and family with a phone so smart it actually makes Energy Drinks!

Energy Drink looks amazingly real
shake for bubbles and foam
tilt to drink or pour out
fake-break your screen
FREE burp included!
FREE lifetime refills!

Guaranteed to be fun and safe: From Hottrix, inventors of iBeer, the award-winning comedy trick seen on TV and downloaded 90 million times! http://www.hottrix.com

Collect all our drink apps: Cola, Water, Chocolate, Milk and many more!

This free, funny comedy magic trick is perfect for party, bar and pranks on social media.
Love it or hate it: This app will make everyone laugh. You win!
Download it NOW!

Here are our update-gifts for you:
Silence the burp with our new "grandma mode". Menu - Burp - OFF
Improved device compatibility: Works on really old phones now!
One-button menu access to Cola, Soda, Water, Coffee, Chocolate, Energy Drink, Fizzy Drink, and Milk